Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Night Hype Masters 1-4-2014 (Gavlyn)

A'ight, y'all! Here comes another dope ass 5-hit combo for y'all to get right by, on this chilly ass Saturday Night (as told by Chicago, anyways...)! However, this time, we're not doin' EDM like I (seemingly) normally do, 'cause this time, I'm droppin' some fine Hip Hop on y'all by way of Gavlyn. I only just found out about her late last year, when I was lookin' up random rap battles to watch on Youtube, and then she just showed up in one of the recommended viewing lists, so I gave her a shot. Gotta say that I'm really feelin' her style, as it's not only nice to find a dope ass female MC, but one that isn't constantly spittin' about how much her booty pops (not that that doesn't have its place, but you get what I'm sayin', right?), which is somethin' a lot of people out there need more of. So, props to Gavlyn and here's to hopin' I've amassed some new fans for her. Catch y'all next week!

-Kenny Riot-