Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Brief (Yea Right) Thought on Sunday's Grammys

Another year has gone by and thus another awards ceremony where music's 1% has been paraded around on stage like a show dog has illuminated our television sets.  Each year is a mix of celebration for those in the 'in' crowd and scathing critique from those outside of it.  Sometimes those critics are even invited inside the coveted circle of The Grammy cabal, and more often than not they fall rank and file into the collective.

Every year that passes by we get a similar set of writings and musings from armchair critics (like yours truly) who point out that The Grammys are pointless, poorly constructed, and should die out much like the African Black Rhino (too soon?).  They are not in the wrong either, as most do make a valid point.  There are plenty of well developed and well thought criticisms of the awards show that pin-point the massive errors that are ingrained into the architecture of the ceremony.

Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Bassist to Listen to for Inspiration

The bassist is the musical foundation for which so much of rock music formed.  While the drummer (usually) is tasked with keeping time, the bassist creates the basis for which we determine what notes to actually play.  Unfortunately, like the drums, this often limits the bass players to simple chord progressions only being allowed to let loose for a few brief moments.

Sadly, all too often bass parts are really dull and boring.  Anyone who has had got stuck playing bass parts in a Rock Band session knows how monotonous the bass can be.  Today we are celebrating some fresh new perspectives on the bass and what it can offer.

A reader commented that when I got to this article I better include Victor Wooten in my write up.  While I agree 100% I must unfortunately not include him on my list for the sheer fact that I do not have too much knowledge of his music and could not fairly comment.  Either way you should probably listen to Victor Wooten.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Night Hype Masters 1-25-2014 (The Upbeats)

'Sup, y'all? The polar vortex may still have us gettin' layered up to fight off the shivers, but a good dose of hype will give anyone the power they need to get out there and make something of their day. So, let me get you your weekly dose courtesy of New Zealand's finest producers, The Upbeats! While mostly puttin' out some pretty amazing Drum & Bass Bangers, they've also diversified their audio portfolio through trying out Dubstep, and "Half Timed" Drum & Bass, and even a little Hip Hop. So start this playlist up and get hype!

-Kenny Riot-

Friday, January 24, 2014

Episode 17

Click Here For Episode 17http://www.themarbleshrine.com/RiffnRalk/ep17.mp3

Episode 17. We Review Lady Gaga's ArtPop, Melt-Banana's Fetch and do an end of the year wrap up. Steve Clark and someone named Alex guest star.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Night Hype Masters 1-18-2014 (Camo & Krooked)

Damn, so my broke ass can't make it out to a free Drum & Bass event due to a lack of surplus gas money, so I'm stayin' in and sharin' a cool 5-hit hype combo for y'all, tonight! This week, I'm hittin' y'all with a tag team that I regularly get hype with, Camo & Krooked! So pump those speakers up and get yourself hype for the night life!

-Kenny Riot-

Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 Drummers to Listen to for Inspiration

Guitars are a pretty phenomenal instrument, it fits so well and into so many roles in a band, from lead solo, rhythm support, and even simply obnoxious noises.  It's purposes are near infinite.  Perhaps this is why we see so many covered in dust in our friends rooms, because at some point we all dreamed of being in one of those roles.  Sadly many of those dreams are dashed as the never ending supply of guitarists means only the pick of the litter get tapped in.

Drums are different.  While they can be many things, their role tends to be pigeon-holed into that of carrying the rhythm.  Many bands do work hard to make the drums something more than just a 4/4 drum machine.  Some of these attempts fail to really stand-out beyond some yawn inducing drum solos, while others create unique and fresh textures with the percussive instrument.

As a novice drummer myself I seek these re-inventors as a way of forcing myself to change the way I play my instrument and to change what I see as a drum kit.  The five drummers below have really altered the way I see the drums as an instrument, and also encouraged fresh new ways of interacting with them.  There are many more than have motivated me, but these five are ones that have made me go "Oh wow, I never thought of that!" and had me rushing to my stool.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Night Hype Masters 1-11-2014 (The Prodigy)

'Sup, y'all!?! I know this 5 hit showcase might be done by a producer that many of you would know, his music is still quite capable of gettin' many, including myself, hype as fuck. The Prodigy wasn't called the, "King of Raves" for nothin', right? So turn those speakers up and get yourself hype for tonight!

-Kenny Riot-

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Tournament For The Court Of The Crimson King: Final Thoughts and a collection of links

Fuck me, what a ride.  Nearly four months and one too many essays later we have made a final decision on this long winded matter.  I wanted to thank everyone who stuck around and read all these articles, and a huge thank you for all the kind words said during my feature.

5 Guitarists to Listen to for Inspiration

Oh my goodness it feels good to not have to write anything about King Crimson in the header.  I felt for my first writing piece since my over indulgent tournament I would venture away from discussing albums and back to talking musicians.  This January I will be writing four articles, each about five musicians that you should check out for inspiration, but each week will be a different instrument.

By inspiration I mean that if you are an aspiring musician it may help your growth to check out these performers for some new and fresh ideas.  While we all are aware of the Steve Vai's and Jimmy Page's of the world there are so many other musicians who not only do not get fair attention, but also are exploring some wild new frontiers with their instrument of choice.

I will note that I am not including Mr. Belew in this article since I have written more than enough about him over the course of our lovely blog. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Night Hype Masters 1-4-2014 (Gavlyn)

A'ight, y'all! Here comes another dope ass 5-hit combo for y'all to get right by, on this chilly ass Saturday Night (as told by Chicago, anyways...)! However, this time, we're not doin' EDM like I (seemingly) normally do, 'cause this time, I'm droppin' some fine Hip Hop on y'all by way of Gavlyn. I only just found out about her late last year, when I was lookin' up random rap battles to watch on Youtube, and then she just showed up in one of the recommended viewing lists, so I gave her a shot. Gotta say that I'm really feelin' her style, as it's not only nice to find a dope ass female MC, but one that isn't constantly spittin' about how much her booty pops (not that that doesn't have its place, but you get what I'm sayin', right?), which is somethin' a lot of people out there need more of. So, props to Gavlyn and here's to hopin' I've amassed some new fans for her. Catch y'all next week!

-Kenny Riot-

The King Crimson Finals: Red Vs Discipline

The ability for me to finally write "finals" in that subject heading brings me great joy and a sigh of relief.  As much fun as it was to undertake this project I also realize how immobilizing it was.  For nearly 4 months I have written about nothing but this band.  It has definitely allowed me to indulge in this group and explore it to its fullest extent, finding new live shows and other bits of trivia, but I also fear that you the reader have become burnt out on the single subject meandering that I have subjected you to.  Perhaps if I attempt another "tournament" I will explore a band with a much smaller discography and also write more diligently.

For now, one last time.  Let us indulge.