Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Riff 'N Ralk In The Lab #1

A Quick Interview with The Main Squeeze

Check out the interview here!

Alex was brought backstage to ask a few questions to a couple members of THE MAIN SQUEEZE . Find out what inane questions he could think of on the fly.

Warning: Audio is pretty loud.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chetwynd Cassette by Sheepman: The Review

Listen to Chetwynd Cassette on the bands Bandcamp page

"It's pretty different, a style that's emerging out of Montreal right now"  said Adam Gravelle, bassist and keyboard player for this two track release from Sheepman.  He had asked me earlier if I would give his bands new release a listen and I happily obliged, always eager to test my ears on something new.

To be blunt I know nothing about Sheepman, other than that they are likely from Canada if they are making Montreal style sounds.  Apparently the Canadians are doing something besides ripping off American music for once (I kid I kid....) and the result is presented to us in this two track Cassette Tape Chetwynd Cassette.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Episode 12:

Click here for the episode!

Well after a month Riff 'n Ralk Music Tock is back with 3 new reviews.  Ryan and Alex invited Corey back to tackle a few of summer's hits.  We also get wildly tangential discussing Guns n Roses, Dio, Genesis, and Portishead.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Adrian Belew Power Hour #4 (Finale) Discipline

So we come to the end of our little journey, and in a lot of ways the end of Adrian's journey as well.  Amidst the imploding Talking Heads and souring of the Tom Tom Club sessions, Adrian was looking to do something that did not involve sitting in the middle of four New York art snobs bickering.  Fortunately for him, a better offer did come along.  The ever emotionally charged, yet musically gifted Robert Fripp offered Adrian to join his new band Discipline.  Adrian saw the sinking ship behind him and decided it would be a wise move to make.  Adrian would be joined by session heavy weight and the one of...maybe four people who could play a Chapman Stick Tony Levin, and former King Crimson and Yes drummer Bill Bruford to form what was called a "Rock Gamelon" group.