Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Night Hype Masters 12-14-2013 (Gridlok)

'Sup, y'all? So, a while back, Alex asked me if I'd be interested in doin' some shit for Riff 'n Ralk Music Tock, and I agreed, but I racked my brain for a while to figure out WHAT to do, exactly. So, Startin' today, I'm gonna set up 5 track playlists focusing on artists and producers I think are dope as hell and that you should try out. For this first entry, we're gonna go with one of my personal favorites, Gridlok. Get ready for some deep ass Drum & Bass to get you hyped up for Saturday Night! So get to listenin' and enjoy this first installment of "Saturday Night Hype Masters"!

 -Kenny Riot-