Friday, September 13, 2013

The Tournament for the Court of the Crimson King

So it has been a while hasn't it since a written piece.  After the power hours I decided to sit back and brew on what to write next.  I love writing longer pieces as it gives some form of direction to my craft.  As I pondered what to write about next I reflected on what had been some fun discussions with some good friends of mine.  They revolved around King Crimson, best albums, worst albums, funny moments, questionable material,  and Robert Fripp's love sprinkles.

So after some pondering I decided it was time to finally tackle the issue of what was indeed the greatest King Crimson album.  Now, I could simply just tell you that answer, but I wanted to make it a more exciting affair.  So I decided to device a fun little "tournament" so to speak.   I even made a bracket....well in MS Paint, but hey we have a bracket!

To explain some logistics.  My girlfriend did the seating for these albums, in order to avoid any bias.  Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With  is included due to the numerous unique songs compared to the other EPs that exist withing the King Crimson discography.  Vroom only having two unique songs was excluded.  Initially Red and In The Court of the Crimson King both had passes into the second round, but I felt that was not exactly fair.  After some thought I decided to include ThrakAttaK into the mix since it was nearly all original material despite its improvisational nature.  It wouldn't be fair to say that because it was live content it was not allowed to be included considering Starless and Bible Black was, in a way, created in the same manner.  For a brief period I felt the urge to add The Projekcts into the mix in order to add some flavor to the mix.  This provided the issue of what to include, and I decided to scrap the idea since it meant a lot more work.  Because of this, In The Court still retains its immediate pass into the second round, considering it is often regarded as their best work it makes sense as well.

While I am extremely excited to begin this long process I realize it could forever and a half to finish it.  This is where you, the reader, come in.  I am looking for others to complete some of these match-ups in order to add some extra opinions and also to speed up the process.  If you want to join our game feel free to write or record a piece that explains which album is better and why and submit it to us.

I hope this will be a fun series of writings for you readers, Crimson fans or not.

We will begin next time with Round 1 Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With vs Three Of A Perfect Pair.